Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Time!

Wow another weekend came and went fast!
This weekend has been an interesting one-

First on my way home from class on Friday I was pulling into the subdivision and I guess I must of ran over something b/c my tire started acting funny and making a weird noise. So come to find out I ran over what looked like either a box cutter blade or a piece of sharp metal. J being the nice husband that he is took D with him on Sat morning out to the Cooper tire place in P'ville to get it fixed. Thankfully it must not have gotten into to the tire too deep b/c now the tire is fine and isn't leaking air or anything. So that was our first "crisis" that was solved :)

I got to have another wonderful visit to our urgent care (down here unless you want to wait 2 weeks to see your normal family doc you have no other choice than to suck it up and pay the extra $$ for the urgent care people) This time it was for K, they put her on some med's and she is doing much better! Praise God for that :)

On Sat we had the Ham/Brocc roll ups that I had posted in this weeks menu. Here are our (mine mostly) thoughts on them

  1. D liked them even with the cheese sauce on top, he wants me to make them again
  2. Since it took K a long time to finish her food I don't think she liked them that much
  3. J said they were good (hopefully he is telling the b/c i will be making them much more in the
  4. I thought they were pretty good, but the deli @ winn-dixie cut the ham wayyy too think so I couldn't roll them up- instead I just cut them up.

I also made the twinkie tiramisu yesterday. It was fun to make! What is better than cutting twinkies in half ?! It was pretty good, the only thing that I would change next time is to use less coffee (it was almost overpowering). D seemed to like it though, K did not and I dunno about J.

Pics to follow soon - As soon as I upload them


Last night we had a movie night with the kids and one just J and I.

With the kids we watched Furry Vengeance. I have never heard of it before, I just saw it in Blockbuster and figured how bad could it be? Well pretty bad! Now I know why it was never in movie theaters...At the end of the day I guess what was important was that the kids liked it

J and I watched Date Night..It was funny! I really liked it

Hope my week is smooth sailing with little stress! (A girl can hope can't she?..! )

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