Friday, September 10, 2010

New Cookie Cutters~ Making some Dough (not the kind you spend)

Because I am the nice person that I am (and because I really wanted to have a reason why I needed to use my new cookie cutters) I have decided to bake and decorate some cookies this weekend to take to our GS meeting on Sunday afternoon.

About 2 weekends ago friends of ours were nice enough to babysit D and K so that J and I could go out alone for a nice meal and some alone time. ( J surpirsed me, I had no idea we were doing anything that day - It was a great idea! Bravo to J (extra brownie points) ) So we went out to the place called

Which by the way is good! In case you have some $$ to blow - Anyway after that J and I went to the mall and I really wanted to go into Williams Sonoma because if you know me you know that I love kitchen things. So I found the Star Wars Cookie Cutters there.

I just got done baking several batches of sugar cookies and I can't decide which ones look best. They are all so cute!

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