Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Growing?

I guess this must be the summer of growing in this house, I seem to have acquired 2 new things to try and keep alive in this house (Notice how all items requiring anything seems to fall on the shoulders of the mother in the house?! Is it just me? I.think.not.

1) K was dead set on getting some kind of "pet" kit for her birthday. So against my better judgement we got her a butterfly kit for her birthday! She was so happy about it! Well, she was really happy until she found out that no, real "live" butterflies are not in the kit that you see on the shelf of meijers. You have to send in the postcard with some money to get them to you (also redeem it online which is a nice plus!) And you have to wait so many days for them to come (we don't have hogwarts mail here- sorry you must wait)
So she is the proud owner of 2 containers of live (or around 80 % of them are) "pre" butterflies

2) For fathers day D class at school planted a tomato plant. So not only do we have live things growing in this house (besides us humans and pets) we also have this tall, skinny plant sitting above the kitchen sink..I really hope I get at least 1 tomato from it, I know it has nothing to grow up on or anything but a girl can hope can't she?!? (Had to add the plant VS the microwave pic just to prove that yes in fact I have not killed it yet. this must be a record for me.)

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